My Story


Getting into photography was kinda a fluke. It was my last quarter at University when I told my best mate to pick a class for us to take together. That bugger picked an upper division photo class! First, I had to beg the professor to let me in with zero experience; luckily she permitted. Then, I had to find a camera I could borrow for the next three months. Every time I touched this camera I was afraid I was going to break it. As a matter of fact, I did break a minor part and had it fixed with haste! Once that class finished, I didn't touch another camera, besides my phone, for a year. Missing the thrill of capturing the adventure, I saved up and here we are today.

Upon graduation I have wandered. Living in one place no longer than a few months, my world continually expands as I see new places and meet countless people from all walks of life. My finger has not pinpointed why I love the continual change, but one thing has been consistent through it all, the camera.

Luckily, a fluke has turned into a living. My specialty is telling a story through images and a few words. Mostly I shoot surfing, climbing, and yoga because those are my passions and allign with my four core values; vulnerability, growth, freedom, and sustainability. However, I've been known to capture the stories of pets, people, and panoramas. If you have a story you would like captured, please get in touch!




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