Who I am

Simply Put:

I create pretty stuff to grow your businesses


Every time I get asked the question, "why do you do what you do?" I laugh to myself because the answer is, "I couldn't imagine doing something else." I am a scientist running experiments on human behavior. I am creating beautiful stuff for the pleasure of others. I am hopefully making the world a better place. Does that not sound awesome?


This is where you all come in! Each company I work with provides me a new testing ground and opportunity to create something completely new (at least to me). I become apart of your company, observe, and find answers to your questions.

Now, I am not some Joe-Shmoe just giving you advise. I am going to be there with you creating the content, implementing the strategy, analyzing the data, and iterating until we get it right! I'll be your workhorse plowing the field as well as your Eisenhower planning your D-day launch.


Dalton’s Story

In 2014, I had the opportunity to take a class with Leonard Klosinski, a mathematics professor, he took me under his wing to teach me about the arts, travel, and life. Beyond the classroom, we would meet weekly and he would share stories of the world and I absorbed this information like a sponge. Being from a small town with a one-track-mind of becoming a captain of a NCAA D1 water polo team, I needed a cultural awakening.

2015, I took my first photography class with Renee Billingslea who continually encouraged me to push my limits with positive reinforcement. She encouraged me so much, I ended up shooting for the moon and did my final portrait project on the President of the University. After that class, I decided I would have a little bit of fun and see if I could hack the Instagram algorithms to grow my account. Six sold accounts later, I am still experimenting to see what hacks I can find!

2016, I walked across the stage to receive my diploma in Mathematics from Santa Clara University, with the plan to head directly into my MA in Education. Halfway through the program, after being laughed out of a presentation about a new type of school that teaches life-skills, and being beaten down by the mentor teachers telling me I can’t educate students by taking them outside, nor can I deviate from the curriculum. I was terrified to spend the next 50 years of my life in this system. So, I then pivoted to outdoor education. At Outward Bound, I had the opportunity to focus on educating underprivileged youth “how to be leaders.” This “How To” model was cookie cutter and did not educate but indoctrinate, because instructors were not allowed to promote curiosity in the students. So, I pivoted yet again.

2017, I headed into the business of content creation and marketing with the help of the marketing director at Outward Bound, Ben Worden. While I had been creating content and growth hacking for fun, 2017 marked the beginning of a career.

2018, I founded Dalton Johnson Media, my testing ground. Working with a variety of clients from Arc’tyex to White Label Chocolates to Topo Designs to Splunk to Surfline. In the last year and a half, I have run over 200 marketing campaigns, relaunched 6 websites, boosted e-commerce 200%, and have learned the importance of systematizing and experimentation.