Santa Cruz Longboard Union Contest

As the long weekend of Memorial Day came and went, Santa Cruz's longest running surf contest was photographed from the water. Twenty-four teams competed in the contest with over two hundred contestants showing off their style. Below is just a hint of the style displayed on the waves:

Exciting News for Memorial Day Weekend!!

Yup! As we all are doing awesome things in life, I wanted to brag about how excited I am to be in the water all weekend taking photos for the "Longest running longboard surf contest on the West Coast"! 

Check out the event here:

Long story short, I'll be at Steamer Lane snapping photos of young guns strutting their stuff, salty dogs riding the nose, and even duos styling it up! I am very excited to provide a different perspective than most viewers receive. Talk about front row seats huh? Here is a preview of the perspective you are going to get:

Five Fun Questions To Answer

For some reason, living out of a van and taking photos for a living bewilders people. Here are some of my favorite questions I am often asked and how I want to respond:

may 13--it's beach (5 of 18).jpg

Where do you poop?

Typically a toilet, usually a public restroom. I belong to a gym, so I'll often use their restroom throughout the day. However, I will dig a hole if I am backpacking like everyone else!

Where do you shower?

The puddles on the side of the road worry me, so I just don't shower... NO! My favorite shower is the ocean, however a river or creek will do.

How do you make money?

Well, I am a photographer. So, I sell prints (you can buy any of the images you see on the site acutally), I do free lance work, and work with a couple of companies meeting thier media demands.

Do you ever hang out with people?

Nope, just a loner that lives out a van who climbs, surfs, takes photos, reads, draws, etc. NO! I have tons of friends all over the country who I talk with and a great community in Santa Cruz that I spend almost every day with! Those people are who you typically see in the images.

How do you cook?

I try to have community dinner everynight, or at least cook for/with somebody nightly. I think there is something special about sharing food with all people. Recently, there were six people sharing a meal in the back of the van! Great converstations!

Endless Dog Loving

Sometimes all you need is time with a living creature!

At It's Beach in Santa Cruz, dogs swarm the beaches visitors. With a lengthy beach, a beautiful arch, and endless dogs if you are ever feeling down you can change that with a simple visit to this beach. I love coming to this sand pit and cuddling with those dogs who fancy me. Sometimes I get to throw a ball for a few different dogs and/or pet them until their owners say it's time to go!

Maybe you are not into the whole beach scene, that is chill as well because there are plenty of places to play with dogs away from that sand which never leaves your body!

Airs of April

If you have been dreaming of those airs you saw last month here are a few:

Road Trip'n HWY 1 -- Day 4

Pismo Beach to Santa Cruz

 From atop the cliff at 41st Street

From atop the cliff at 41st Street

Waking up to some 10 foot bombs in Pismo, I threw on my wetsuit and grabbed my board. Without putting much thought into it, I was in the water until the wind picked up. Cold and tired from the long morning session, I hopped in the van and headed for Santa Cruz. 

Turns out the waves where at home the whole time! The road trip was a nice way to spend a few days away, changing the daily routine, and reminding me there is a huge world out there that needs to be explored!