South Lake Tahoe Bouldering

Working our way through several bouldering spots throughout the South Lake Tahoe area.

Nude Yoga

I've taken on a photo-project, my first "serious" attempt at creating artwork and not just photographing the world as it presents itself to me. The goal is to capture 10-12 yogis doing their thing nude, on the beach or in the woods. Creating a dialogue between the natural world and the human body through imagry. 

Thank you, Tori, for working with me and making this first shoot happen! You can check out her yoga and health work HERE or on Instagram @sumthingsyzygy

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River

A three day trek, just under 40 miles, endless river swimming, a calf destroying climb, a momma bear with a cub, and a relaxing river. Oh, not to mention the whole things was a bit smoky!

Shooting for SUGA

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing for SUGA yoga mats with Dawn Hayes as the model. Check out some of the powerful stances and thoughtful meditations Dawn brought to this yoga mat made of retired WETSUITS!

Skating Santa Cruz

There is endless talent rolling through the streets of Santa Cruz and floating on the water. Here are some images from some skating downtown. A few shredders were out and showing off for the camera.

Photographing a tea party?

I love where my camera can take me, from walking through rain forests to biking around islands to taking photos of a couple of cool guys drinking tea. Asked to capture the spirit of the owner of Hidden Peak Teahouse, I recorded and snapped images of a walk through Santa Cruz with tea.

Admittedly, I had a blast, drank delicious tea, and got to create a VERY long video, with all raw footage, and was told to do as little editing as possible. The result, an hour-and-10 minute walk through Santa Cruz. The only cutscenes were for battery swaps and to take stills, otherwise this video is just hand-held raw footage. Check out the video below if you dare:

Otherwise, here are a few of the images: