Finding Your Yoga Photographer

A quick guide on finding YOUR yoga photographer and questions to ask BEFORE hiring!

Ask your friends about local photographers

Photographers, much like yoga instructors, have good days and bad days. The recommendation from friends is a great starting place to get the names of those around you, but don’t let one bad experience count that photographer out. Check them out for yourself! Also, posting in local Facebook groups is a great way to get more names for you to discover.

Stalk their website and social pages

Creep the photographer! Go check out their Instagram page, Facebook page, and website. When going through their website or social here are a few considerations:

-The images you are seeing are their BEST work. So, if it doesn’t impress you, then you most likely won’t like the results of the shoot.

-Do they have a yoga specific portfolio? Or, do they focus on fitness/landscapes/portraits/etc. If they focus on yoga, maybe give them an extra plus!

-Could you see yourself in the images they are taking? Another way of saying this is, if you were to replace the subject with yourself would you still like the image?

-Read the photographer’s bio and take an interest in the human that will be behind the lens taking your photos. Usually, they have a cool story to tell, JUST LIKE YOU!

-How can you contact the photographer? Website? Email? Phone Call?

Prepare yourself to contact the photographer

This step is the MOST important, imagine the photographer picks up the phone call and you don’t have any questions to ask, or, worse, you get a voice mail and blank on what to say! Let’s avoid that. So, here are some questions to ask:

-FIRST, introduce yourself and describe the work you are hoping to have performed. Usually, a photographer will have questions for you!

-How do you price a job? Yup that is right, photographers sometimes quote each job individually and some have day rates. This is up to the photographer, what you are looking for is a quote.

-What is the average number of edited images a photoshoot yields?

-How often do you photograph yoga? While most photographers photograph daily, photographers usually have 2-3 shoots a week, the other time is spent behind a computer editing and running their company.

Here are questions NOT to ask and why:

-Do I get the RAW files? RAW files are unedited images. Your photographer should edit the images they are giving you, for these final touches are another step in what makes digital photography an art form.

-Who is your typical subject? This question is often asked by those who did not creep the photographer. However, you already did that and have seen their work.

Contact the Photographer

You’ve put in a decent amount of work this far, you are almost done! Shop around, get a couple of different quotes from photographers, and then decide. Complete this final 10% by emailing or calling your top few photographers!