Triple Link Up

Freel Peak, Jobs Sister, and Jobs Peak before lunch!

The overview:

Freel Peak: 10,881' (highest)

Jobs Sister: 10,823' (2nd)

Jobs Peak: 10,633 (4th)

Roughly a 12 mile loop, clockwise, topping out Freel Peak, Jobs Sister, and Jobs Peak in order. Using the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) and some "class 3" walking.



Kinda sandbagging my climbing partner on his first alpine start (3:30 am), we headed out of the van with the hope of catching sunrise atop Freel Peak (10,881). Roughly six miles from the van, we pushed our way to the top. Once we hit the class 3- (really class two because the route is so well traversed) terrain, I made Scott lead the way. His first time walking off trail. He got us to the top!

Just in time for the sunrise as well! Stoked on the top out, Scott broke out his "victory apple". Yup, breakfast atop the highest peak in the Tahoe basin watching the sunrise... not too shabby!

As breakfast finished up, we signed the registry, packed our bags and I had to take some photos of wildflowers. 

Now that we had finished that break, we took off for the other two peaks. Cruising along, we just kept walking. Kinda laughing at ourselves, for this day was our rest day. As we slid down the beach on the south side of Jobs Sister, we headed for Jobs Peak, our last peak of the day. The lack of food, maybe the elevation, or really the lack of walking kinda hit Scott halfway up Jobs Peak. Sitting down for a few minutes helped him recoup and we pushed for the summit. It was 9:00 am.

We had topped out all three peaks and were ready to relax. So, kicking back, snacking a wee bit, and journaling is what we did. After a bit, we headed back to the van for a nap!