Five Fun Questions To Answer

For some reason, living out of a van and taking photos for a living bewilders people. Here are some of my favorite questions I am often asked and how I want to respond:

may 13--it's beach (5 of 18).jpg

Where do you poop?

Typically a toilet, usually a public restroom. I belong to a gym, so I'll often use their restroom throughout the day. However, I will dig a hole if I am backpacking like everyone else!

Where do you shower?

The puddles on the side of the road worry me, so I just don't shower... NO! My favorite shower is the ocean, however a river or creek will do.

How do you make money?

Well, I am a photographer. So, I sell prints (you can buy any of the images you see on the site acutally), I do free lance work, and work with a couple of companies meeting thier media demands.

Do you ever hang out with people?

Nope, just a loner that lives out a van who climbs, surfs, takes photos, reads, draws, etc. NO! I have tons of friends all over the country who I talk with and a great community in Santa Cruz that I spend almost every day with! Those people are who you typically see in the images.

How do you cook?

I try to have community dinner everynight, or at least cook for/with somebody nightly. I think there is something special about sharing food with all people. Recently, there were six people sharing a meal in the back of the van! Great converstations!