March has Come and Gone

Some highlights from the last week and a half, or so!

For the most part, if you don't have photos as proof, then it didn't really happen. Right? Wrong! After some plans falling through I had a day in the middle of the week free, so I packed my bike with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, notebook, and tamales! The critical packing item was the desert which accompanied the tamales, pan dulce. No electronics were to accompany me for the night.

The bike packed and the van parked, I hit the road for who knows where. There were about 4 hours of light left and plenty of open road for my tires to pass over. Unsure if I was headed for the coast or bluffs, I let my curiosity guide me. Pedaling for a few miles north on HWY 1, I turned on a bike path leading to some trails. Winding into the depths of Wilder Ranch State Park, my love for benches and good views stopped me dead in my tracks. 

Finding this spot a delight, I wandered around for a place to toss my sleeping bag on the ground, munch on some tamales, and watch the sunset. Next thing I knew I had scribed three pages in my journal and I was entering the land of dreams.

With no plans for the next day, I rose with our star, basked naked in its warmth, ate some tamales, and made eye contact with a curious bobcat. 


Now that you know I am truly a weird guy who loves a good micro-adventure, here are some other highlights of the week in rapid fire:

-A featured gallery in Santa Cruz Waves:

-A gorgeous sunrise walk along Four Mile beach, since the waves were nonexistent

-A new photography event coming up for yoga instructors of the Bay Area: 

-Had the wonderful opportunity of spending time with family (including my wonderful pup!) and friends on the beaches of Santa Cruz

-Ticked off 10 problems at Castle Rock State Park