Road Trip'n HWY 1 -- Day 2

Pismo to Santa Barbra

Stoked for some bomber waves at dawn patrol, I suited up, grabbed my board, and hit the beach. Not to long ago there was a wise sunburnt face that told me, "somedays it's more about paddling out than catching a wave." This morning was one of those days! Attempting to catch ankle-biters on my shortboard was a laughable feat, so I called it early and grabbed my camera.

Heading down the coast after breakfast, winding through endless farmlands, I ended up in Santa Barbra. Specifically, the Santa Barbra Mission. Reminding me of my time at Santa Clara University, I enjoyed the large, grassy hills and adobe buildings. After a little bit of yoga, I hit the beach and then the town.

As the day flew by, the night sky draped overhead. After a wonderful night-time phone convo, I headed out for some fun, aka dancing. Hopeful and excited to get some wiggles out after the long drive. Unfortunately, I was unable even after 2 hours of trying (I put in the time!)! So, I headed back to the van, only there was this mystical guitarist jamming, using the acoustics of a parking garage, who captured my ears.

Laying down on a bench, I listened to Bruce Goldish until the night chill forced me back to the van.