Road Trip'n HWY 1 -- Day 1

Santa Cruz to Pismo Beach

Starting the day off with a quick dip in the big ole blue at Four Mile, I headed south for who knew where. The thought, head south and find cool places to surf. My only concern was road closure due to the mudslides in Big Sur a year or so back. 

Me: Hey man, you just went down to Big Sur right?

Buddy: Yup, it was sick and gorgeous

Me: Cool, were the roads open all the way down?

Buddy: Yup!

So, without fear, I headed down the coast. Low and behold he was right! There were no road closures until you get to the end of Los Padres, then the road is closed. Well, time to make the 70-mile detour to US-101 and make my way back to the coast.

All in all, I made it to Pismo Beach just after dark, so I went to a karaoke bar!