Week in a Whip

March 4th to 11th

Dawn Patrol on a clear morning at Pleasure Point

A whirlwind of excitement this past week. The waves were decent, plastic rocks were pulled, and some middle school challenges occurred.

When I say middle school challenges occurred, I literally mean I was in a PE class all last week and was challenged to a mile run (multiple times but only accepted one of the challengers) and some basketball games.

The mile run was a photo finish without a camera. I'm not kidding here! This student and I came into the last straight, with me behind by a body length. Both of us sprinting to the finish line (a basketball pole) where the first one to touch wins. My breath was getting heavier as my feet struck the ground at a quicker pace. Catching the student, now neck and neck, the pole is only 10 feet away. Reaching out our hands, the other teacher calls out 5:46, as we meet the pole.

Did I lose? Maybe. Did I win? For my ego, I tell myself yes!

Basketball was quick, my glory days of middle school basketball came back to me. Close wins in one-on-one, horse, and pig. When I say close, I mean a one-point game, h-o-r-s to h-o-r-s-e, and p-i to p-i-g. Too close for comfort.

As the week developed, I had the pleasure of working with Santa Cruz Waves. You can check out this link to see the featured gallery: http://santacruzwaves.com/2018/03/miracle-march/

Also, I had the opportunity to photograph the youth climbing competition held at Pacific Edge Climbing gym. Those images will be available to check out on their website in the coming days.

Lastly, here are some images from this week: