Road Trip'n HWY 1 -- Day 3

Santa Barbra to Ventura to Pismo

Do I love taking long walks along the ocean in the early morning? Well heck yes I do! So, that is exactly what I did this morning. Yup, woke up before the sun had risen, headed to the beach, and watched the sun rise over the Santa Ynez range. A little bit cloudy this dawn, but a few sun salutations warmed me up!

As my feet craved my surf board, I headed to Rincon. Along the way I got a phone call from a buddy in LA saying he was down to surf Ventura. So, it was a no brainer. Take photos at Rincon giving my buddy time to get to Mondos for some playful waves. 

Rocking the wave-storm and a short board, we goofed off in these waist-high waves until I was uncontrollably shivering and he was hungry. Filling our bellies and laughing our socks off, we both headed our separte ways.

Ventura was the farthest south this trip would see where the laughs made up for the lack of waves. Heading north, the goal was Pismo before dark.