What We Offer

Dalton Johnson Media is your one-stop-shopping for Photography, Social Media Marketing, and Graphic Design. Our creative team has been focused on developing, creating, and running healthy-lifestyle campaigns for the last 5 years. What does healthy-lifestyle mean? Since our roots are based on the mountain (climbing), in the ocean (surfing), and atop the mat (yoga), we value organic, sustainable campaigns that showcase your products through storytelling. Working one-on-one with each client, we ensure to exceed your expectations by creating and conveying stories with your products.

We have two formats for hire, project-based and subscription:

We get really excited for project-based assignments because this is our chance to be your mercenaries. You come to us with an idea (it can be vague or descriptive), we’ll draft up the idea, you’ll tweak it this way and that, and then we will execute. We love all photography and graphic design projects big and small. Project-based assignments are quoted per job. Please reach out HERE with your project-based needs.

At Dalton Johnson Media, our specialty is developing, creating, and running your social media campaigns through subscriptions. Offering two packages, a 6 and 12 month campaign subscription, we work intimately with you and your team designing content specific to your products and needs. We offer several photoshoots to create quality images that engage your audience in posts, along with response commenting and liking.

Campaign Packages


6 Month

  • Quality content with 4 photography shoots

  • Posting relief with daily Facebook and Instagram posts

  • Response commenting and liking

  • Specially designed hashtags

  • Monthly Statistics

12 Month

  • Quality content with 10 photography shoots

  • Posting relief with daily Facebook and Instagram posts

  • Response commenting and liking

  • Specially designed hashtags

  • Monthly Statistics

*There is a $100 on-boarding payment

**Travel costs are added for photoshoots outside of an 80-mile radius of San Francisco

Dalton’s Story

Getting into photography was kinda a fluke. It was my last quarter at Santa Clara University when I told my best mate to pick a class for us to take together, a “joke” class. That bugger picked an upper division photo class which involved a civil engagement project!

First, I had to beg the professor to let me in with zero experience; luckily she permitted. Then, I had to find a camera I could borrow for the next three months. Every time I touched this camera I was afraid I was going to break it. As a matter of fact, I did! From landscapes to portraits, I learned the in’s and out’s of photography throughout that class. Once that class finished, I didn't touch another camera, besides my phone, for I wanted to see the world.

Upon graduation I wandered. Living in one place no longer than a few months, my world continually expanded as I saw new places and met countless people from all walks of life. I couldn’t pinpoint a place to call home or head down one path, so I kept wandering. At some point between New Zealand and The High Sierra I picked up a camera again. From then on I couldn’t escape the ability to tell a story from behind the lens.

Dalton and his travel princess (a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500)